Change The Narrative!

A key ORPHEUS objective is to support young people to become more resilient to the dangers of online disinformation and misinformation, including 'fake news'. One of the ways - in addition to the training in the toolkit - is creating social content such as videos, animations, short movies and fact-checking clips to combat the fake news phenomenon.

The scenarios offer alter-narratives, alternative perspectives on topics that are often treated too stereotypically.


Sketches are an excellent way to present alternative perspectives in a comical and subtle way. The purpose is therefore to promote open-mindedness and broaden the horizons. These sketch-videos were made possible thanks to young media houses, collectives and youth organisations

On the corner


Due to the ‘scroll away culture’ that dominates social media today, it is crucial to make information manageable. Short, animated infographics are the ideal means for this. These videos can be viewed in one go or in small fragments suitable for platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. The purpose of these infographics is to raise awareness among young people about information processing on the internet.

Fact-checking 101
Migration in the EU: the facts

Discussion videos

When appealing to young people, it is extremely important that they are addressed by other young people with similar backgrounds and experiences to them. That is why we developed a format in which we allow young people to discuss the hot topics that concern them most in groups. The purpose of these videos is to allow young people to speak (for themselves) and to promote a pluralistic approach. This is also in line with one of the main goals of our project, which is politicisation.

Religion & Diversity

Is religion the only source of meaning?
Religion vs. spirituality: same thing?
Religion in a secular world
Being part of a religious group
Would the world be better off without religion?
Does islamophobia pose a threat to islam?
Violence towards members of other (religious) groups
Are religions outdated?
Should it be possible to insult religions?

Youth Culture

School vs. home
Parents' responsibility
Do parents understand youth culture?
Do teachers understand what's going on in the streets?
School measures on misbehaviour
Schools' responsibilities
Different cultures at school
Does your teacher understand youth culture?

Racial Identity & Tensions

Racial tension in society
Acceptance of minorities by majority groups
How often do you stereotype others?
Is stereotyping okay if said jokingly? 
Do people of colour victimise themselves?
Taking opportunities vs. receiving opportunities
Racism towards own ethnic group
Are black people more often discriminated against?
Experiencing racism: men vs women

Fake news, the group and me

Lucas: Fake news & me
Jules: Differences in the group
Morgan: Agree to be helped!

Moral Boosters

I Have A Dream
Do you remember?
Get Trained!Guide Me!

Do you want to create your own alter-narratives?
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