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Welcome to ORPHEUS, a project designed to provide youth workers and educators with the tools and knowledge to help young people become more resilient to violent extremist narratives.

ORPHEUS supports youth workers, teachers and other educators working with young people by providing resources to:

Generate safe/brave spaces

Stimulate critical thinking

Increase online resilience

Explore our toolkit!

This online toolkit is specially designed to help youth workers, educators and other professionals working with young people deal with challenges related to extremism, grooming, fake news, inclusiveness, ... both offline and online.

The toolkit provides access to training materials created by experts on these topics: online resilience, safe spaces, alter-narratives, … .

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Inspirations & Publications

More than ever, young people are looking for answers on how to co-exist in increasingly diverse societies. In addition to the toolkit, ORPHEUS has also created a wide range of content designed to provide information, inspiration and education to professionals (youth workers, educators and policymakers) supporting young people to become more resilient to violent extremism narratives. This content includes webinars, publications, articles, newsletters and press releases.

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